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In late 2006, foolish Earthling scientists voted to strip Pluto of its planethood. Unfortunately for them, Zorbulon Prime, supreme commander of Pluto, had other ideas. With his faithful sidekick Charley, Zorb launched a campaign to restore Pluto's place as the greatest planet in the galaxy, only to be foiled by his annoying computer, an evil game show host, and those pesky Earthlings themselves.

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Big Plans
by Shane Itram

Hey fans! Starting this September, you can look forward to a couple exciting events!

First, updates will resume! Hooray! It will most likely be one comic per week, in full color.

Second, if one comic a week isn't enough for you, Greetings From Pluto will be joining a comic alliance! That means even on days when GFP doesn't update, there will be an awesome new comic by one of the other alliance members. Yay!

Stay tuned for more details...